Cheese Knife Species And Usages


In the previous sharing, we learned that different cheese textures and hardness are different, and there are also different tools for cutting. Here are some common cheese cutting tools.

It is quite necessary for cheese lovers to prepare a set of cheese tools.

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Soft cheese knife, thin blade, with holes, holes can prevent the surface of soft cheese adhesion and adhesion, even if adhesion, these holes are also conducive to the attached cheese from the knife, fork tip can also be used to deal with hard cheese, is a more widely used cheese knife, especially suitable for brie and camembert soft and semi-soft system of cheese cutting.

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A cheese fork, usually included in a cheese knife set, works with a cheese cutter to hold it in place. It can also be used to break up old cheese cubes into smaller pieces, or to have cooked food or considered olives and other small items at parties.

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Or a Chisel knife, a wide, flat knife with a sharp top edge. It works well with soft, crumbly cheeses, such as Gorgonzola or Blue cheese, and can then be spread out using a wide surface to help arrange the cuts. It can also be used to make semi-soft cheese.

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Cheese spatula, used to spread soft or creamy cheese on breads and crackers. Examples include Cream cheese, goat cheese (Chevre France) or Boursin cheese (Normandy France). Can also be used as a spread of brie and camembert.

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A hard cheese knife is usually one of the largest knives you'll find. They are used to press down and cut whole wedges of larger wheel-shaped or aged hard cheese into smaller portions. Some hard cheese knives have handles on both ends to achieve even application.

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This Knife, which goes by many names, is often called a Parmesan Knife. It has a sharp tip and edge to help cut through hard cheese, and as the name suggests, is used to cut through hard cheeses like Parmesan.


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